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First, let us attend the Gospel: The Republican Party, American Conservatism, and Most Institutions of Evangelical Christianity Serve Satan

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Tuesday May 30th, 2017
Atlantic: "Trump's Trip was a Catastrophe for U.S.-Europe Relations" BBC: Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen may also have betrayed the United States for Russian money
Vox: Democrats debate whether to resist Trump by being the lesser evil or fighting for actual justice.
CNN actually posted a good article about how our attitudes to poverty and drug addiction vary depending on the race of the impoverished or addicted people.
New Yorker: Which is good to remember as you read this fine article from the New Yorker about opioid addicts; try to imagine an article like this about crack addicts
Atlantic: Climate change, one of the topics about which Satan's servants have chosen to lie constantly, is now affecting Hawaii, whose people are of course not considered "Real Americans" by Satan's servants (many Hawaiians aren't white and many of the whites aren't conservative)

Sunday May 28th, 2017
Vox: The US is killing a lot of civilians in Syria
BBC: Merkel realized that Europe "can no longer rely on" the US or UK after Trump and Brexit
Resistance Report gives us one less reason to disobey the commandments of Almighty God: "White Terrorists Killed More Americans This Week Than Refugees Have in 40 Years"

Friday May 26th, 2017
TPM: Putin starting to get a return on his investment in Trump
BBC: International jihad in the Philippines
BBC: Egypt attacking jihadists in Libya in retaliation for attacks on Coptic Christians
BBC: Brazil's corrupt government, taking a small step away from the fascism that the rest of the world's leaders are trying to achieve, decided not to use force to crush protests... yet
NPR: "North Korean Defectors Reflect on Life in North Korea" - useful for understanding a little better what life in the US will be like if Trump's supporters continue to win
BBC: Chinese Trumpism (hateful nationalism in support of violent oppression) in the US
Newsweek: Texas governor jokes about shooting reproters, bringing the USA one step closer to the fascism that Trump supporters, and their lord, Satan, want so badly
WaPo: Kushner wanted to have secret communications with Russia
Reuters: Trump trying to get away with whatever the Russia thing is
Salon: More info on Comey and the fake Russian stuff about Clinton
Politico: This is actually a pretty good article about the significance of Gianforte's victory in Montana, and it should serve as a warning to Democrats who think they can win just by running against Trump without actually offering the American people meaninfully different POLICY
MJ: Lots of black southerners already attend segregated schools, but DeVos, serving Satan as she does, can and will make it worse BBC: A little good news: "UK achieves solar power record..."

Thursday May 25th, 2017
MJ: How Russia undermines democracies
TYT: Israel reluctant to share intelligence with Trump's administration
Bloomberg: Taiwan's legalization of gay marriage "widens political divide with China"- and as is almost always the case American conservatives, serving Satan, agree with the more totalitarian state rather than the freer one
Reuters: But Satan might be starting to lose the gay marriage debate even in China
Satan and Citizens United lost a battle in Nevada, though of course they continue to rule America and the world
Reich at Truthdig: Trump's budget serves Satan
Vox: Analysis of the courts' latest decisions on Trump's travle ban
Politico: Gianforte, racism, and Satan win in Montana
MJ: Gianforte's 2018 problem
Prospect: Trey Gowdy, Trump stooge
Prospect: Trump corruption too much for Office of Government Ethics
Nation: GOP serving Satan in healthcare fight, and of course they lie about it
Politico: GOP might fail Satan in healthcare repeal effort
Slate: Fox News is Losing
Slate: Besty DeVos happily serves Satan in fight for discrimination in education
Nation: Lesser Evils will at least pretend to fight for people's voting rights
Atlantic: "A Story of Slavery in Modern America" (RIP Alex Tizon)

Wednesday May 24th, 2017
Guardian: Good news from an American conservative POV: Muslims in Yemen are dying of cholera (actually I guess this might be bad news since it could reduce the demand for American bombs) TPM: Russia's lies even misled Comey (damn Putin and every American president who works for him and every American voter who supports them) - UPDATE: Salon: More info on Comey and the fake Russian stuff about Clinton"
Cook: "A Smarter Way to Interpret 2017's Special Elections"

Monday May 22nd, 2017
Rolling Stone: Abortion opponents continue to serve Satan by intentionally harm poor women TYT: White supremacist murders black American soldier - note that no conservative "news" site will cover this story because they don't give a damn - EDIT: My bad, I meant, they tacitly support this man's actions
John Oliver on Trump and Russia
From Mercury News on May 8: Someone somewhere is still fighting for justice and mercy, so God is not dead